What To Do When You’re Changing Your Hairdresser

Whatever the reason for changing or requiring a new hairdresser, it can sometimes feel a little daunting.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your existing hairstylist if you feel unhappy with any aspect of your service or would like to try something new, but if you still feel unhappy, never be afraid to move.

Over time, you build up a relationship with your hairstylist based on trust; after all, your hair is a very personal part of who you are. Many customers also feel that a visit to the hairdresser is a little bit of time for them, where you can be pampered and re-focus, so it’s important that you feel comfortable.

Booking a free consultation will allow you to meet your potential new stylist and get a great feel for the atmosphere of the new salon.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of what your new hairstylist needs to know before doing your hair and what to bring along with you.



Always book a free consultation

It’s essential to take time out to gel with your new stylist, and we’re not talking product here, but an opportunity to get to know them and discuss your hair. By booking a free consultation, you can talk about what you would like, any concerns you have, and have any patch tests for colouring products or treatments.

It’s also a great time to discuss a plan of action:

  • The regularity of visits
  • The cost
  • Your expectations
  •  The type of products/treatments stocked vs what you are used to
  • What the hair stylist recommends

At The Hair Lounge, we offer both telephone and an easy online booking system, so you can schedule or change your appointment to suit your lifestyle.




What should you bring to the hair salon?

Apart from anything that would make you feel comfortable, such as a magazine; a photograph of your hair aspirations is the most important item to bring to the salon. From an image, your stylist can discuss whether:

  • The style is practical for your lifestyle
  • The colouring product name/number you currently use
  • What products will maintain your hair
  • The tools you’ll need to replicate the salon-look
  • How easy or difficult your desired style will be to keep

You don’t need to change your hair just because you’ve changed your salon; a great stylist is looking to make you feel comfortable and ensure that you walk out feeling amazing.

If you need a new stylist, you can book online or call 01384 374277.


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