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Don’t do anything Drastic read this article before reaching for a BOX COLOUR. Some pointers on why NOT to reach for a Box Colour during isolation.

One size does NOT fit all …
The idea behind Box colour is one size fits all this is completely absurd in the professional world of hair colouring. In order to achieve the colour you want, a professional stylist considers many factors to customise a formula to create the perfect shade for your hair. Within this formula the stylist will choose a developing chemical called peroxide in a strength between 3% & 9% based on your individual hair type. During an individual colour service the percentage of developer used can be adjusted from what is applied to the roots, mid lengths and the ends to achieve an even all over result. The condition of hair varies considerably from virgin growth at the root, to aged, damaged, chemically processed mid-lengths and ends. Box Colours as a rule use a very high percentage of chemical developer (12% or higher) to ensure at least something is achieved on the hair (any hair!!! regardless of type, hair health, chemical/processing history)  this is dangerous for your hair. Applying such a high strength chemical all over the hair can cause serious irreversible damage to your hair structure. This will be extremely challenging, time consuming and expensive to correct in salon, and in some cases a correction is not always possible at all. Box Colour also contains paraphenylenediamine PPD which is what causes allergic reactions, our Davines Colours do not contain this.

Hair Colour must be customised for each person…
As unique as we are as individuals is as unique as we are when is comes to our hair. Each individuals hair is different and as a hair stylist we must consider several factors, i.e natural level and underlying pigments, skin tone, level of porosity, previous artificial pigments, percentage of grey (if any) to make the perfect formulation that factors in hair condition/hair history as much as colour suitability.


Demi, Semi and Permanent – what do they REALLY mean for your hair
In salon there is a vast difference in Demi, Semi and Permanent colours, how they act on and within the hair shaft and the reasons we might choose one over another or even a mixture in a colour service. True Demis (0 % Developer) only temporarily stain the outside of the hair strand and fade off with washes within 1 -2 weeks, a Semi (3% Developer) will slightly penetrate the hair shaft to deposit colour that lasts longer fading over 6 – 12 weeks, a permanent (9% developer) completely penetrates the hair shaft and therefore permanently changes the inner tone (overall colour) of the hair. Most Box Colours, as mentioned above, use 12% or above Developer meaning they completely penetrate the hair shaft, permanently changing the tone & at such a high chemical percentage are likely to cause damage to the hair strand, even those marketed as Semi permanent are not and will not wash out of your hair fully. 


Professional Application Matters…
As well as your ‘customised colour formula’ the next most important factor in achieving an even, natural, full coverage, perfectly blended colour is precise, expert application. The perfect professional brush is chosen (they are different based on what and where colour is being applied) and a timed technique following specific sectioning rules across the head. Your colour is started and finished in exactly the right place within a strict time frame. Your stylist has mastered this knowledge/technique with years of training and practice, they can see every part of your hair line, cross sectioning, saturating and timing your development precisely. All these factors are decided by your stylist at each appointment. Ever wondered what we are looking at when you sit in our chair and we start separating your hair, feeling your hair from root to tip, pulling it up to the light whilst chatting about your journey and offering you a drink! This precise, concise application can not be achieved in a dimly lit bathroom, using a bottle applicator, gloves and a handheld mirror.  If you have ever heard the term ‘Banding’ in a hair salon (gasp) you no doubt already know from your stylists face this is not good and can be tricky & costly to correct. Bad application, the incorrect choice of base colour/ reflect tone, over/under application/saturation can all cause colour banding that grows out like a band around your hair, application is key !!! And knowing where to apply colour is key – not all of the hair needs to be dyed for every colour service, your stylist makes this choice by carefully assessing your hair with an expert eye and feel from your root to your tip!


Hair Health
At every appointment your stylist with expertly guide you on the colour service you require at that specific time, be that a root only application, a root and end colour refresh application or an all over colour service with a gloss conditioning finish (using your customised colour formula could mean up to 3 different peroxides being used to create one seamless glossy colour) A box colour can not guide you on your individual hair needs and will simply recommend partial or complete coverage, but what does this mean for you?? Incorrect or over application can mean that once rich chocolately brown result you got the first time with your Box Colour could next time turn patchy, with jet black ends, colour banding (eek!) due to colour overlap and over pigmentation creating those tell-tale bands around you hair (not a good look even for someone in isolation). The harsh peroxide of Box Colours can and probably will result in straw like hair texture that is difficult to style, frizzy and out of control. Personally the difference I myself have seen in blow drying & styling a clients hair from box colour use to professional colour is shocking!! It makes a BIG difference on the end result I can achieve because the condition of the hair is compromised. My main priority as your stylist is maintaining optimum condition of your hair, no amount of artwork will cover a damaged canvass!!


Box Colour mishaps result in an unwanted new haircut.
If you like your hairstyle long or short it doesn’t matter these disasters happen. With all lengths and styles damage is almost certain to occur with repetitive Box Colour use. Mid Lengths and Ends are most likely to be affected with irreversible damage which will likely result in hair needing a big cut or a drastic restyle, please consider this as your hair only grows approximately 1cm per month (in some cases less!!!).


Don’t judge a Box Dye by its celebrity cover
Do you think Eva Longoria, Davina Mccall or Cheryl Cole really use Box Colours to achieve their amazing glossy immaculate hair shades. NO!!! They are paid thousands of pounds to endorse these products from which they afford their own personal ‘professional’ stylist (colour technician) to colour/style and very often enhance their hair. If you would like to achieve celebrity like hair colour wait until this pandemic is over and call a professional hair salon. In the meantime (whilst you have plenty of me time) treat yourself to an amazing conditioning hair mask, we highly recommend Davines, Chronicle Circle masks that deeply nourish, condition and repair your hair. Doing this will ensure when you are finally able to make your hair appointment your hair is indeed the perfect canvass for your hair stylists artwork. We have hair masks available for postage, message me for details.

Hair Dresser Magic with a lot of scientific Fairy Dust!

If you do decide to purchase a Box Colour PLEASE PLEASE remember to do a skin test 48 hrs before application, but also please bare in mind if you were to have a reaction and require the services of the NHS they are extremely stretched and it opens up even more risk to everyone at this time … Stay Safe.

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