Everything you need to know about hair products

When you walk out of your hair salon, your scalp’s fresh, your hair is silky, and you probably feel on top of the world. But how can you achieve that at home in between your visits to the hairdresser? Our stylists are sharing their tips so that you can feel amazing every day.

The secrets to using your products like a salon

It doesn’t matter how much product you use? A common myth.

At The Hair Lounge, Wollaston, we recommend:

  • Using an amount of shampoo that is the size of five pence.
  • Shampoo your hair twice to completely cleanse the hair and scalp:
    • The first shampoo removes daily pollutants, dirt, product, and sebum.
    •  The second allows the shampoo to work directly on the hair and scalp.
  • Don’t be afraid to shampoo a third time if your hair needs it.

Top tip: It’s all about the foaming action!

If you’ve ever wondered why your wash at a hairdresser feels different, try this: A salon watches the foaming action -- if on the second shampoo you are not getting lots of cleansing foaming bubbles, the shampoo is still cutting through the build up on the hair, and your hair needs another shampoo.


Now it’s time to nourish your hair

With conditioners, we recommend no more than a ten pence piece size, depending on the length/density of hair; and it must only be applied to mid-lengths and ends.

To aid the condition of your hair, an intensive conditioning mask used weekly will penetrate the hair shaft more deeply than a standard conditioner.

Smooth down cuticles (outermost layer of hair strands) to add shine and prolong your colour.

Top tip: Gone are the days where you have to find 30+ minutes for these masks, as seen on This Morning, Davines Quick Fix Conditioning Mask works its magic in just three minutes. The Hair Lounge, Wollaston is proud to stock an exciting range of Davines’ conditioning masks.




Summer in focus

The summer, with its sun and heat exposure, can damage your hair, so it’s an important time of year to choose the best shampoo and conditioner -- remember that protection with a hat is better than damage repair.

You can also use sun protection products like the L'Oréal Solar Sublime range for added protection during sun exposure. If it’s a high-street brand you are looking for, we highly recommend L'Oréal shampoo and conditioners.


We’re here if you need advice

When you need advice, it seems sensible to go to someone who is qualified, right? Yet when it comes to hair, it can be easy to forget that similar to medical prescriptions, there are hair products that are suited to your exact hair challenges (such as frizz), hair type, and styling regime.

You can visit your salon to ask for advice. Your stylist will perform an elasticity and porosity test to assess the condition of your hair. These tests are essential to understanding what products will work best with your hair type.

Elasticity is the measure of how much your hair will stretch (and return to a normal state). Healthy hair, when wet, will stretch up to a whopping 50% of its original length without breaking -- dry hair stretches up to 20%. Your hair will be rated as low, normal, or high.

Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture and is broken down into three categories: low, normal, and high.

Now that the science bit is complete, your salon can provide a tailored prescription for the perfect hair care products to enhance styling, protect, and nourish your hair.

Book your hair consultation online or call 01384 374277.

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