All The Colours of Nature

As the Magnolia trees drop their dusky-pink and white petals and lay on fresh green leaves, we are inundated with requests for every colour that nature has to offer.

So what colours will be trending this summer?
At The Hair Lounge Wollaston, we like to look ahead, and our stylists’ eyes are always looking out for new colours coming out of the top brands’ mixing pots and celebrity magazines.

2018 is set to be everything from tiger-eye inspired locks to ultraviolet shocks! One trend that continues is adding tones to other hair colours – creating endless unique looks.

We love the tiger-eye, as it takes an expert colourist to get right, and when it’s finished, it looks truly breath-taking. As you have probably guessed, this look is inspired by the tiger-eye stone, with its heady mix of golden and brown tones – a luxurious blow-dry with soft curls sets the look off. We achieve this look by painting caramel highlights over a rich-brown base.

Ice-white or bleach-toned
The ice-white trend continues; however, we fully expect to see some requests for pastel undertones of pink, blue and lavender. Another new trend is salt and pepper, a combination of dark and light!

Golden ombré 
Another favourite set to stick in 2018, golden ombré has a beautiful graduation from a soft brown to a super-bright blonde. Tip: rose gold is an advanced trend for 2018, which includes deeper browns and rose gold ends.

Ultraviolet and jewel tones
Yes, you read it correctly – ultraviolet. Not one for the sheepish, this deep purple look is a conversation starter. Whereas jewel tones take bold to another planet, with a multi-hue look that includes some seriously bright punk colours.

Gregg Westwood, Director, The Hair Lounge, is our cutting, colouring and blow-dry expert and said: “Colours are set to be huge in 2018, and we are very fortunate to have some very talented colourists. It’s essential to find a stylist you trust for colour to ensure you achieve the look you had dreamed of.”   

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